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ii'm not ok, but ii'm gettiing there.

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Name:Sollux Captor (AU)

Your name is SOLLUX CAPTOR and you are just about 2200% done with everything.

When you were dropped into this vague semi-reality post SGRUB, all you could make of it was that everyone around you were GIGANTIC ASSHOLES. This feeling has never left you. Nonetheless, you found employment with IBM and started reconnecting with your FRIENDS, generally snorting at them through their misadventures while you suss through your own hermit-like existence.

You were introduced to your current matesprit and now HUSBAND through his younger brother during a birthday party and have since been reintroduced to a BUNCH OF RAGING ASSBANDITS from your session. You did have a FRICKIN' SWEET RIDE, but it was destroyed in the aftermath of the arrival of an ASSHOLE CLOWN. You don't mind so much now though, since Bro assisted you in the restoration of an EVEN SWEETER RIDE. You drive ad BREAKNECK SPEEDS and really don't give a shit about traffic laws in general. You have some slightly suspect taste in MUSIC and a little bit of a SUSPENSION FETISH. You own your overwhelming GEEKINESS with pride.

Your pesterchum handle is twinArmageddons and you 2tiill embrace your dualiity quiite ea2iily.

[[Quirks will be dropped for spoken dialogue in posts.]]


In recent developments, Sollux has found himself trapped in [community profile] portsmouth, and has been stuck in human form. For these purposes his face is Liam Lynch, who as adorably embarrassing as he is, is not mine.
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